Tech Leadership

Purpose, Consistency, and No. 80

On Monday, I finally restarted some of my podcasting and writing for tech leads. During my two month hiatus, I reflected agonized about whether I really want to continue this.

Writing to the tech leads and podcasting is, after all, really just a hobby for me.

“For me” is the operative, and limiting, phrase here. To be completely honest, I started writing in this area back in 2016 because I thought it would be cool for my career. Later, I bought a Blue Yeti for the personal thrill of putting myself out there on a podcast, which as definitely an uncomfortable thing for me.

But now, I’m finally getting over myself (only took four decades), and I’m much more interested in you. The reason I decided to restart this is that I’m legit worried about you. It’s not that being a tech lead is the hardest job in the world, but it’s one that challenges you in ways you don’t anticipate. And that surprise, combined with your lack of skill has impact on your personal life, your effectiveness as a lead, the career of your team, and their personal lives.

Anyway, now that we’re rolling again, I hope you’ll read Monday’s letter on consistency as a tech lead and listen to the podcast (No. 80). I mention those issues but focus mostly on “consistency,” which I thought was a mea culpa kind of topic to take on for being, well, inconsistent.