I’m a software engineer based in sunny Los Angeles, California. ☀️

Today I’m working primarily with Javascript, React, and doing some blockchain engineering with Solidity, Truffle, and Ethereum. But I have extensive full stack, polyglot experience with Java and other languages.

Been writing code for a few decades now – as an individual contributor, a tech lead, and was recently in a relatively senior management role at a professional services group at a leading software company.

Tech Lead Coaching Network

When I’m not working my day job or being dad, I’m doing a lot of thinking and community organizing to create a network of tech leads called the Tech Lead Coaching network. It’s an open source, community based network. Some of the recent work I want to draw your attention to:

February 20, 2019Bring your whole self into a meeting and have a bigger impact (w/ podcast)!

February 18, 2019Tech leadership as a bunch of moments strung together, not a role or a title w/ podcast.