Engineering Managers Are Leading a Revolution in Management. Let’s Have a Survey About It.

Between agile and holacracy, both the demands on management and the role of management are evolving rapidly. And as you know, innovation in software isn’t limited to technology. Software engineering management seems to be leading the path into this new, uncharted, and promising territory.

Even a decade ago, most software development managers (that’s what we were called back then, right?) were heavily focused on task management, project management, and process generally. Agile encroached on management’s turf, handing a big part of our jobs to specialized scrum masters. Holacracy is more oblique; it simply exiled managers. Our work has fundamentally changed — maybe for the better, maybe for the worse, time will tell.

Given all this, you probably don’t know enough about what other software engineering managers or engineering directors are doing out there right now. Oh sure, you know what other managers at your company are doing – but how does your work compare to the rest of the industry? I’ll speak first: I don’t know.

So let’s figure this out together. I finally got around to putting together a survey I’ve been thinking about for months now — a survey for engineering directors, software engineering managers, or anyone whose job description includes a requirement to herd nerds. I think it will help establish a baseline, without diving into anything proprietary or sensitive to your company.

I know you’re busy, but can you share five to ten minutes to respond to it? Maybe while you’re waiting in line at Philz? Thanks in advance!

Here’s your link:

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