INITIATIVE – my Thanksgiving weekend project

One thing I’ve found as a manager is that I so many “things” to manage. Usually I can manage on my Trello board. These things could be something small like, “Go work with another team to figure out how we can get access to their API.” Or “Coordinate some agile training for your team.” Sometimes it’s bigger, like “Setup a whole new development environment.”

Managing these initiatives, whether routine or ad hoc, is a requirement that appears on every managers’ job description, but it’s a challenge for me personally to track all the little initiatives I’ve got my teams working on– even on Trello. For me the problem is that it’s very hard to be disciplined about making each team members’ role and expectation clear.

So I whipped up a little Node app over the Thanksgiving day break. I think it will help at least keep me disciplined to think through each mission, each developers’ role and expectation, and whether I’m communicating those things.

The main screen looks like this:


If you want an account on it, just drop me an email. But it’s a little rough around the edges. And don’t freak out about the SSL cert error just now. It’s made with node, mongo, express, and jade. Such an easy stack.

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