Maybe that split second isn’t so elusive

Last week I was complaining that I was looking for some silver bullet to that split second moment . . . that moment where you need a team of software engineers to do something and often the response is nothing but key clicks . . . digital crickets.

After wall to wall, double booked meetings all week with software engineers and a challenging trip to lower Manhattan this week, I think I confidently say I was wrong in my focus on that elusive split second. As you can probably predict, it’s not any one split second but all those series of seemingly inconsequential split seconds leading up to the big one that matters.

Put differently, this week proved to me that I can’t crack open my secret can of persuasive whoop ass into any single moment — it’s the cumulative weight of the moments leading up to the critical one that matters.

I’m from Los Angeles — the land of “fake” — and even I quickly recognized some “technique” is going to fall short. The ancient Greeks lived in the same Mediterranean climate that breeds posers that Los Angeles does, and they knew it too: you can’t bullshit your way through authenticity (Covey would chide you for taking the “skill-based” approach). Either you care about the people on your team or don’t. Or you care about the result over the people or you don’t. Your team will know.

And that’s what will govern the split second.

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