How to get the Apache Camel tooling features into your JBoss Developer Studio

This feature — as of this writing — isn’t immediately obvious, so in case you’re trying to figure out how to visually design, test, and run Apache Camel routes in your JBoss Developer Suite, here’s what I’ve got:

When JBDS starts, you get the JBoss Central welcome screen by default, right? There’s a tab at the bottom called “Software/Update.” Click it. Near the bottom right, you’ll see an option to “Enable Early Access.” Click that too.

I’m don’t know when it will get out of early access. If you’re from the future and you’re reading this, things may be different. For now, you should see this:


Select the JBoss Fuse Development, like I did in the example above. Click that too. Now you’ll see this:


The most important to you is probably the Apache Camel Editor, so check it, click Next, and you should be on your way.

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