A simple message driven bean (MDB) in JBoss AS/EAP with Maven

I had a really hard time finding a really simple example to show, so hopefully this will help you.

How to Set Up Your Maven Project

Sometimes I swear that getting a Maven project is sometimes the hardest part of getting a Java EE project going. Once you’ve got it, it all snaps into place. Here’s a simple pom:

Create a Message Driven Bean (MDB)

Here’s a simple example:

Now Create a Client to Send Messages Into the Queue

This too is pretty straightforward. In my example, I just run it with a servlet.

Now Configure JBoss AS 7 / EAP 6

You’ll need to start AS/EAP in at least standalone-full mode because the simple standalone configuration — out of the box — does not start the HornetQ queueing system:

Finally add the queue to AS/EAP. You can use the JBoss CLI (, with this command:

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