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Forgot that obscure command you issued in Karaf/ServiceMix/Fuse a few months ago? Try this

So here’s a handy feature in Apache Karaf. Very similar to your bash console, Karaf remembers your command history, which is critical when you’ve completely forgotten that obscure command with the fourteen parameters you issued last time you were prepping for a sprint demo.

Here’s how to get it: From your Karaf command line, type: history. Think you can remember that much?


Great. But do you have way too much history to even begin to consider scrolling through your history? Try typing CTRL-R so you can quickly search your history:


Pro tip: So I wanted to search for my most recent “mvn” command to see the command I issued for my last Apache Karaf post. I had to hit CTRL-R a few times, which is important to know. Using the CTRL-R search just retrieves the first search result, so keep hitting CTRL-R to get the command you’re looking for.

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