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The aspirant to the middle class will never make it in LA

MakeIt01New LA Weekly article: The 10 People Who Won’t Make It in Los Angeles. Since I’m shopping for a new apartment here in the greater Northeast Los Angeles region, #5 on the list of people who will never make it here sounded just about right:

5. Aspirants to the Middle Class

“I just want to plug in, settle down, and contribute to my 401k,” says this kind of asshole. Get over yourself Ozzie and/or Harriet. This is the city to succeed wildly, or fail spectacularly — often both. There is no warm center, no extra helpings of milquetoast, and there certainly no khakis with blue blazers here. You want to be all staunchly middle class and middle America and what-not? Take that shit to San Diego. There are only bridge-sheltered hovels or 20-room mansions here, nothing in between.

Ok, ok, I know, I know, it’s not that bad. But it sure feels like it when you’re checking out some of these cheap apartment complexes around here.

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