The New New Relic ToS — how not to do it

Maybe, you got this email from New Relic tonight. I did:

Dear Michael,

New Relic has updated our Terms of Service to support additions to our product suite. You can review the new Terms of Service here.

On or before June 20th, 2014, we ask that users accept these new Terms of Service. Any user within your New Relic account may accept these new Terms of Service on behalf of your account by agreeing to the terms via a pop-up notification.

Please contact us at if you have any questions about this update.

Thanks, New Relic

Really? That’s it? The email looks like it was written by their lawyer — or at least someone who isn’t sensitive to how people will react to these kinds of emails. Other services I’m using make changes to their terms of service. They either (a) said nothing (which isn’t good either) or (b) have sent an email that summarizes the changes and at least tries to give me a warm and fuzzy feeling about the changes.

Worse, I ran a diff on the old and the new versions of the license. They basically changed every single line of the terms of service, so I really don’t feel like parsing through it tonight. I’ll guess I’ll have to leave it to you.

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