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Time to come back to Firefox? Maybe… just maybe…

I posted this in the Open Source LA meetup too, but I thought it was worth repeating here:

new-firefox-versionFull confession: I’ve been on Chrome basically since it came out. I abandoned Firefox years ago because it was slow, bloated, etc… In fact, in even fuller, richer, Technicolor confession: I even started the Open Source LA Meetup group using Chrome.

But I think it’s kind of serendipitous that on roughly the same day that I got the group launched, Firefox released a fantastic new version of the browser. And I don’t need to confess anything to tell you that I’m using it now.

I know all the blah, blah, blah with Mozilla and some guy named Brandon and so on… but maybe those just dark days for Mozilla’s and in a era of you-as-a-product-because-you-use-Chrome and a new era of conscientiousness around things like open source… maybe Mozilla’s (and Firefox’s) very best days are ahead.

In a bold move for me, I already made it my default browser.

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