Big improvements coming to license-check

In looking at my old license-check project on Github, I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t done much in the last nine months. However, I’ve been working on some big improvements over the past few weeks. While the changes aren’t released into Maven Central yet, I think you’ll enjoy them when they are (probably under version 0.5.4).

For me, the biggest change is that the code is a lot more stable and much improved. My initial cut through the code was largely experimental as I thought through how to traverse the Aether dependencies for the license attribute and how to convert them into something readable. Now that I have a better grasp on how the whole process should work, I’m hardening the code and trying to make it a little more elegant (in my opinion, of course).

For you, I think you’re going to like the reporting from the plugin much better. Here’s an example report for a standard Spring MVC application connected to Mongo:

2014-03-18 license-check screen cap

I need to add some relatively complex unit testing related to Maven plugins as well as maybe some Guava enhancements before I release a new version. Still, I hope this piques your curiosity.

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