Hello :-)

I work in software engineering from ☀️ Los Angeles. A full stack polyglot, my best technologies include Java (incl. most enterprise frameworks), Javascript (Node and React), and Solidity. I’m an effective and reliable developer, but my strength lies in my leadership and ability to execute in teams.

I’ve been involved in over 100 projects with (mostly) Fortune 500 and governments clients over my long career, primarily as a consultant.

How To Be A Tech Lead

I recently published a book: How To Be A Tech Lead!

Leading Tech Leads

Leading from the front to organize the Tech Lead Coaching Network, an open source, community and volunteer-based network.

The Network is the hub for a community of tech leads and provides a simple, practical, and effective framework to coach tech leads to be more effective and impactful.

We could solve a lot of the problems we have in our tech organizations, from delivery to culture, if we had more effective first line leadership. Maybe I can help you or your organization with this too.

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